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Samoan Proverbs

* Fa'amatagi
o Translation: From the direction of the wind.
o Meaning: Tell the story from the begining.

* Ua pona I vao, ‘ae liai’iina I ala.
o Translation: The fault was committed in the bush, but it is now talked about on the highway.
o Meaning: One cannot conceal problems forever.

* E lele le toloa, ae ma'au i le vai.
o Translation: (Toloa is a duck). A duck would fly all over, but will always return to the water.
o Meaning: One would leave home, but will always return.

* O le ala i le pule o le tautua
o Translation: A way to success is to serve.
o Meaning: Serving others will lead in the right path to success.

* Aua ne'i galo Afia i si ona vao
o Translation: Never forget the ever-waiting Afia in the forest
o Meaning: Always remember the people who were kind to you

* Afai e te iloa a'u i Si'ulepa, ou te iloa fo'i oe i Togamau
o Translation: If you remember me in Si'ulepa, I will also remember you in Togamau
o Meaning: An act of kindness given, shall be an act of kindness returned

* O Le Fua E Te Luluina, E Toe Fua'ina Mai
o Meaning: What You Sow Is What You Reap

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