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Arabic Proverbs


* اتق الأحمق أن تصحبه إنما الأحمق كالثوب الخلق كلما رقعت منه جانبا صفقته الريح وهنا فانخرق
o Literal meaning: Be aware of the idiot, for he is like an old dress. Every time you patch it, the wind will tear it back again.
* اتق شر الحليم إذا غضب
o Literal: Beware of the level-headed when he is angry.
* اجتنب مصاحبة الكذاب فإن اضطررت إليه فلا تُصَدِّقْهُ
o Literal: Avoid the company of a liar. And if you can't avoid him, don't believe him.


* الوقت كالسيف إن لم تقطعه قطعك
o Time is like a sword. If you do not cut it, it will cut you.
* من سل سيف البغي قتل به
o He who swings an aggressive sword will be killed by it.
* وما نفع السيوف بلا رجال

With the absence of real men there is no use for the swords.

* ذل من لا سيف له
o The one without a sword will be humiliated.
* سبق السيف العذل
o It is too late (The swinging of the sword had overrun justice- the proverb was taken from a story of someone who was killed just before he was proven to be innocent)
* سيف السلطان طويل
o Literal meaning: The sultan's sword is long.
* السيف أهول ما يُرى مسلولا
o A sword is most feared when it is out (of the sheath).
* قد يتوقى السيف وهو مغمد
o A sword can be feared even if it is not swung.
* قد يجبن الشجاع بلا سلاح
o The courageous might cower without a weapon.
* جرح الكلام أعمق من جرح السيوف
o The wound of words is worse than the wound of swords.
* لا يُجْمَعُ سيفان في غمد
o Two swords do not fit in one sheath.

Plants and Food

* لا تأكل خبزك على مائدة غيرك

Don't eat your bread on someone else's table.

* لا تسقط من كفه خردلة

Literal meaning: He doesn't drop a mustard.[1]

* لا طال توت الشام ولا عنب اليمن

Literal meaning: He got neither the berries of Sham nor the grapes of Yemen.

Use: Said to a greedy person who lost every thing.

* انك لا تجنى من الشوك العنب

You don't reap grapes from thistles (cactus).

Use: Said to someone who is waiting for a favor from the wrong person.

* لا يستمتع بالجوزة إلا كاسرها

Literal meaning: Only the one who breaks the nut enjoys it.

* من أكل السمين أتخم

Literal meaning:who eats fat gets bigger

* من أكل للسلطان زبيبة ردها تمرة

Literal meaning: who ate the sultans raisins will pay it back as a date

* من الحبة تنشأ الشجرة

Literal meaning: From the seed grows the tree

* هو كالكمأة لا أصل ثابت ولا فرع نابت

Literal meaning: He's like a potatoes plant no steady roots and no strong branches.

* يأكلون تمري وأُرمي بالنوى

Literal meaning: They eat my dates and throw the seeds at me.

* لأجل الورد، اسقيك يا عليق

For the sake of the flowers, the weeds are watered.

* خرج من المولد بلا حُمّص

Literal meaning: He left the party without having Hummus.[2].

* إن كان محبوبك عسل لا تلحسه كله

If thy beloved was honey, don’t lick all of it. ما لقوش في الورد عيبه قالوا يا أحمر الخدين* They did not find a fault in the rose, they said "O! You are red cheeked."

Body parts


* يد الحر ميزان
o Literal meaning: The hand of a free man is a scale.
* يد واحدة لا تصفق
o Literal meaning: One hand cannot clap.
o Metaphorical meaning: People should cooperate to get things done.
* لا تجن يمينك على شمالك
o Literal meaning: do not let your right hand victimize your left.


* على قدر لحافك مد رجليك
o Literal meaning: Stretch your legs as far as your quilt allows.

Metaphoric meaning: can be used as " do not spend more than you can afford"

* رِزْقُه في رجليه
o Literal meaning: his income is in his legs.
o Metaphoric meaning: It is better to make yourself look like a fool than to bad mouth others
* عثرة القدم أسلم من عثرة اللسان
o Literal meaning: the trip of the foot is better than the trip of the tongue.

Tongue and mouth

* وَجُرْحُ اللسان كَجُرْحِ اليد
o Literal meaning: the scar of the tongue is like the scar of the hand.
* بذات فمه يفتضح الكذوب
o Literal meaning: by his own mouth does the liar expose himself.
* سلامة الإنسان في حلاوة اللسان
o Literal meaning: the safety of a human is in the sweetness of his tongue.
* لسان الجاهل مفتاح حتفه
o Literal meaning: the tongue of the ignorant is the key to his death.
* لسان المرء من خدم الفؤاد
o Literal meaning: the tongue of a person is the servant of his heart.


* يدع العين ويطلب الأثر
o Literal meaning: he leaves the eye and seeks the mark. The example is of tracker who can see what he is tracking but he doesn't even look at because he is too busy looking for any marks on the ground.
o Metaphoric meaning: He leaves the important thing and holds on to side-issues.
o Variations: يترك الحمار ويمسك بالبردعة/السرج - he leaves the donkey and holds on to the saddle.
o English, and similar in Russian: can't see the forest behind the trees
* يسرق الكحل من العين
o Literal meaning: He steals the mascara from her eyes.
o Use: To describe someone that can deceive very well.
* صاحب الحق عينه قوية
o Literal meaning: the one with the right has a strong eye.
o Metaphoric meaning: to have a strong eye in Arabic is to be bold and to not worry about what others say. So it says that if you are right, you don't worry what others say.
* البعيد عن العين بعيد عن القلب
o The English Proverb : Out of sight , out of mind
o Literal meaning: Those who are far from the eye are far from the heart.
o Metaphoric meaning: keeping away for too long makes you lose friendships and relations.
* العين لا تعلو على الحاجب
o Literal meaning: The eye does not become higher than the eyebrow.
o Metaphoric meaning: People have certain levels and one should honor that.

Head and face

* كل رأس به صُداع
o Literal meaning: every head has a headache.
* لا تكن رأسا فالرأس كثير الأذى
o Literal meaning: do not be a head for heads are easily hurt.
* شفيت نفسي ولكن جدعت أنفي
o Literal meaning: I cured my self but I amputated my nose in the process.
o Use: when someone did something that he intended to be good but lost too much in the processes.
* لأمر ما جدع قصير أنفه
o Literal meaning: for some reason Qaseer amputated his nose.
o Metaphoric meaning: If someone does something that seems negative towards himself, he probably has a reason, no one hurts himself for no reason.
* بِشْرُ الكريم في وجهه يلوح


* تجوع الحرة ولا تأكل بثدييها

Literal meaning: A free woman would rather go hungry than earn her livelihood by selling her breasts (suggesting her body).

* الدم لا يصير ماء
o Literal meaning: Blood can never turn into water.(a bond with family/relatives can never break as صدرك أوسع لسرك
o Literal meaning: Your chest is roomier for your secrets.
* البطن لا تلد عدواً
o Literal meaning: The belly never gives birth to an enemy. (A mother gives birth to Family.)

Trades and tools

* من ترك حرفته ترك بخته
* من خَدَمَ الرجال خُدِمَ
o From the man's job there is opportunity.
* من عمل دائما أكل نائما
o Whoever works all day, eats while sleeping!
* من لم يحترف لم يَعْتَلِفْ
o Who doesn't strive, doesn't eat!
* وهل يصلح العطار ما أفسد الدهر
* يدهن من قارورة فارغة
* هيهات تكتم في الظلام مشاعل
* اتسع الخرق على الراقع
o Literal meaning: That hole in the dress is bigger than anyone can fix.
* احفر بئرا وَطُمَّ بئرا ولا تُعَطِّلْ أجرا
o Literal literal meaning: Dig a well then close the well, but do not unemploy a worker
* إذا تخاصم اللصان ظهر المسروق
o Literal meaning: If two thieves quarreled, what was stolen emerges.
* ازرع كل يوم تأكل
o Literal meaning: Plant each day and you will eat.
* أسمع جعجعة ولا أرى طحنا
o Literal meaning: I hear cracking, but I don't see grinding
* اِضْرِبْ ما دام الحديد حامياً
o Literal meaning: Beat the iron while it is hot.
* أعط الخبز لخبازه ولو أكل نصفه
o Literal meaning: Give the bread dough to the baker even if he eats half of it.
o Idiomatic meaning: Give the job to a person who knows how to perform it best even if it will cost you much.
* أعط القوس باريها
o Literal meaning: Give the bow to its maker.
o Idiomatic meaning: Give the job to a person who knows how to
* الإسكافي حافي وباب النجار مخَلَّع
o Literal meaning: the shoemaker is bare footed and the carpenter's door is broken.
* باع كرمه واشترى معصرة
o Literal meaning: he sold his vineyard and bought a squeezer.
* رب رمية من غير رام
* رُبَّ نعل شر من الحفا
* رجع بخفي حنين
o Literal meaning: Came back with Hunain's shoes. meaning: Came back with nothing.
* زرعوا فأكلنا ونزرع فيأكلون
o Literal meaning: They planted so we ate, and we plant so they would eat.
o Metaphoric meaning: people benefit from other people's work.
* زمَّارُ الحي لا يُطْرِبُ
o The village's piper does not exhilarate.
* من اعتاد البطالة لم يفلح
o Lit: Whoever was prepared for idleness did not succeed
o Metaphorically: Picture failure and it will come
* ساقي القوم آخرهم شراباً
o Literal meaning: The person who pours water to other is the last one to drink.
* سيد القوم خادمهم
o Literal meaning: The people's lord is their servant.
* طبيب يداوي الناس وهو عليل
o Literal meaning: A Doctor heals people while he is ill!
* كالإبرة تكسي غيرها وهي عريانة
o Literal meaning: Like the needle which clothes others while remaining naked.
* كل إناء بالذي فيه ينضح
* كما تزرع تحصد
o You reap what you sow
* لكل داء دواء يستطب به إلا الحماقة أعيت من يداويها
* ما أشبه السفينة بالملاح
o How the ship resembles the sailor
* مرآة الحب عمياء
* من جاور السعيد يسعد ومن جاور الحداد ينحرق بناره
o Who lives near happiness is happy, and who lives near mourning is consumed by its fire
* وضع العقدة في المنشار
* بلغ السكين العظم
* الصبر مفتاح الفرج
o Patience is the key to joy
* كريشة في مهب الريح
* قد يخرج من الصدفة غير الدُّرَّة
* القِدْر الكبير يتسع للكثير
o A great pot is enough for many


* اتَّكَلْنا منه على خُصٍّ
* الجود من الموجود
* لا حي فيرجى ولا ميت فينسى
* لكل مقام مقال ولكل زمان رجال
o Every where have word and every time have men
* ما أبعد ما فات وما أقرب ما هو آت
* من تأني أدرك ما تمنى
o O! my brother Flip the pot on its mouth, the daughters turn into their mums.

Money, wealth and poverty

* لا رسول كالدرهم
* لا يبصر الدينار غير الناقد
* لا تبع نقداً بدين

Do not sell cash for debt

* قد يجمع المال غير آكله ويأكل المال غير من جمعه
* القلة ذلة

Meagerness is a humiliation

* غنى المرء في الغربة وطن وفقره في الوطن غربة

The wealth of a man in exile is home and the poverty of a man at home is exile.

* الغنى يورث البطر
* صيت الغنى ولا ولا صيت الفقر
o Literal meaning: The reputation for being rich is better than the reputation for being poor.

Influenced by religion

* كعبة الله لا تكسى لإعواز
* نوم الظالم عبادة
o The sleep of a tyrant is worship.
* وذي علة يأتي عليلا ليشتفي به وهو جار للمسيح بن مريم
o ًاWhen a sick man goes to another sick man for healing while his neighbour is Jesus Christ.
* يؤذن في مالطة
o he calls for prayer in Malta (It could mean that no one to respond to the call)
* الجوع كافر
o Hunger is a non-believer.
* النوم سلطان
o Literally: Sleep is the sultan
* جولة الباطل ساعة وجولة الحق إلى قيام الساعة
o Evil lasts an hour, and truth lasts till the Hour (the end of time).
* يا ظالم لك يوم
o Literal meaning: Oh tyrant, your day will come.
* يخلق من الشبه أربعين
o God creates 40 people with the same looks. (Out of the same look, God creates 40 - said when you see someone who looks exactly like someone else).
* يُدْخِلُ شعبان في رمضان
o Literal meaning: He mixes Ramadan with Sha'ban (2 of the lunar months). Meaning: He confuses the issue.
* حج والناس راجعون
o He went to Hajj while pilgrims were coming back
o Refers to people who are late in doing things.
* يصوم يصوم ويفطر على بصلة
o Literal meaning: He fasts and fasts, then he breaks his fast with an onion.
* يضع سره في أضعف خلقه
o He (God) puts his secrets in the weakest of his creation.
* جاء لك الموت يا تارك الصلاة
* لا يعجبه العجب ولا صيام رجب
* لا يلدغ المؤمن من جحره مرتين
o A believer (wise man) can not be stung from the same hole twice.

Fire and water

* من أوقد نار الفتنة احترق بها
* كالقابض على الماء
* كذلك غمر الماء يروي ويغرق
* من يغرق يتعلق بعود قش*

the one who is sinking,hangs to a straw

* النار تأكل بعضها إن لم تجد ما تأكله
o Fire will burn itself out if it did not find anything to burn.
* النار قد تُخَلِّفُ رماداً
o Fire could leave ashes behind.

اللي إيدوه في الميه مش زي اللي إيدوه في النار

* The one with hands in water not like the one with hands in fire
* What starts with a condition has a good ending.
* لا نار بدون دخان
* There is no fire without smoke
* المستجير بعمرو عند كربته كالمستجير من الرمضاء بالنار
* معظم النار من مستصغر الشرر


* الغائب عُذْرُه معه
o A person not present has his excuse with him.
* الغريب أعمى ولو كان بصيراً
o The stranger is blind even if he was a seer.
* كالأطرش في الزَّفَّة
o Like the deaf person in a party

Family members

* من شابه أباه فما ظلم
o Literal meaning: He who is like his father did no injustice.
o Metaphorical meaning: Like father like son. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

في الجريرة تشترك العشيرة

* في الشدائد يعرف الإخوان
* من يمدح العروس إلا أهلها

only the bride's family who praises her

* نعم الجدود ولكن بئس ما خلفوا
o Literal meaning: How great the grandfathers are, but how regretful what they left behind.
* دخان الأقارب يُعمِي
o Smoke of the relatives renders you blind

Kings and leaders

* الناس أتباع من غَلبْ
o People follow the winner.
* الناس على دين ملوكهم
o Literal meaning: People follow the religion/ways of their kings.
* السلطان من بَعُدَ عن السلطان
* ظل السلطان سريع الزوال


* البخيل عظيم الرواق صغير الأخلاق
o The stingy has great hallways and little morality.
* البخيل غناه فقر ومطبخه قفر
o The miser's riches are poverty and his kitchen is poor
* البخيل لا تَبُلُّ إحدى يديه الأخرى
* ليس الحريص بزائد في رزقه
* لا مروءة لبخيل

The envious

* حاسد النعمة لا يرضيه إلا زوالها
o The envious of a blessing is not satisfied except by its loss.
* الحاسد يرى زوال نعمتك نعمة عليه
o The envious see the loss of your blessing as a blessing.
* الحسود لا يَسُودُ
o The envious does not prevail.
* الحسد ثِقْلٌ لا يضعه حامله
o Envy is a weight not placed by its bearer.
* لله در الحسد ، ما أعدله بدأ بصاحبه فقتله
* ليس للحاسد إلا ما حسد
* لا يرضى عنك الحسود حتى تموت
o The envious is not pleased with you until you die.


* جزاء سنمار
* وعند جهينة الخبر اليقين!
* مواعيد عرقوب
* Said: What would the blind want? Said: A bag of eyes.

قال شو بدو الأعمى غير قفة عينين

* لا تقول للمغني غني حتى يغني لحالو
o Don't ask the singer to sing until he wishes to sing by himself.
* إياك أعني واسمعي يا جارة
o Literal meaning: I'm speaking to you but listen oh neighbour.
o Metaphorical meaning: I'm telling you what I want indirectly.
o Variants: أكلمك يا بنتي وأسمعك يا كنتي - I speak to you, my daughter and let you hear, my daughter in law.

Humor and Laughter

* كثرة الضحك تذهب الهيبة
* المزاح لقاح الضغائن
* المزاح هو السباب الأصغر إلا أن صاحبه يضحك
* المزاحة تذهب المهابة وتورث الضغينة
o Joking takes away status and awe, and breeds resentment.
* المزح أوله فرح وآخره ترح
* المزح يجلب الشر صغيراً والحرب كبيرة
* هَمّ يبكِّي وهَمّ يضحِّك
o One woe makes one cry and one woe makes one laugh.
* شر البلية ما يضحك
o Of misfortune's evils is what makes one laugh.

Calamities and hardship

* من رأى مصائب غيره هانت مصائبه
o Literal meaning: He who sees the calamity of others finds his own calamity light.
* المصائب لا تأتي فرادى
o Literal meaning: Disasters do not come one by one.
* من أَمِنَ الزمان خانه
* مصائب قوم عند قوم فوائد
o Literal meaning: the calamities of some people is the benefit of others.
* لا مصيبة أعظم من الجهل
o Literal meaning: there is no calamity greater than ignorance.


* خُذْهُ بالموت حتى يرضى بالحُمَّى
o Literal meaning: Show him death and he will be content with fever.
o Metaphoric meaning: If you threaten him with the worst, the bad will seem acceptable.
* لا بدّ للمصدور من أن ينفث
o Literal meaning: the consumptive must cough out.
o Metaphoirc meaning: some people can not help but do certain things, it's out of their hands.
* اللي على راسه بطحة يحسس عليها
o Literal meaning: that who has a bulge of his head will keep feeling it.
o Metaphoric meaning: people get self-consious about things and they keep acting in a way that makes people know about them even if they wanted to hide them.
* آخر الدوا الكي
o Literal meaning: The last cure is charring.
o Metaphorical meaning: The thing with most side-effects should be used only as a last resort.
* عمى العين ولا عمى القلب
o Literal meaning: Blindness of the eye is better than blindness of the heart.
* الرمد أهون من العمى
o Literal meaning: Trachoma is better than blindness.
o Metaphoric meaning: If the only other option is the worst, then whatever you have is better.

* من سابق الدهر عثر
o Literal meaning: He who races eons trips.
* ما هلك امرؤ عرف قدر نفسه
* ما وعظ امرئ كتجاربه
* ما يداوي الأحمق بمثل الإعراض عنه
* ماذا تأخذ الريح من البلاط
* المال ينفد حله وحرامه يوماً ويبقى بعد ذلك إثمه
* المأمول خير من المأكول
* المرء تواق إلى ما لم ينل
* المرء حيث يضع نفسه
* المرء كثير بأخيه
* المرء يجمع والدنيا مفرقة
* انتظر حتى يشيب الغراب
o Literal meaning: wait until the crow turns grey.
* أنفك منك ولو كان أجدع
* إياك وما يعتذر منه
* الجزع عند المصيبة مصيبة
* السكوت علامة الرضا
o Literal meaning: Silence is the sign of approval.
* الشُّبْهَةُ أخت الحرام
o Literal meaning: Suspicion is the sister of the wrong.
* ظاهر العتاب خير من باطن الحقد
* الظَّفَرُ بالضعيف هزيمة
* العبد يقرع بالعصا والحر تكفيه الإشارة
* العفة جيش لايهزم
* العفو يصلح الكريم ويفسد اللئيم
* عقوبة الحاسد نفسه

الشج مليح فوق ريح رد بالك راك تطيح

* اختلط حابلهم بنابلهم
o Literal meaning: The ropeman got mixed with the archer. (Things got chaotic)
* آخر الحياة الموت
o Literal meaning: The end of life is death. (Life will end one day)
* أَدّى قدراً مستعيرها
o Literal meaning: The borrower led it to its end.
* إذا حان القضاء ضاق الفضاء
o Literal meaning: At the hour of judgment, there is no escape.
* إذا حضر الماء بطل التيمم
o Literal meaning: If the water is available you need not clean up with sand.
* إذا زل العالِمُ زل بزلته عالَمٌ
o Literal meaning: The mistake of the scientist leads to mistakes by many people. (or to bad effects in general)
* إذا سأل ألحف وإن سئل سوّف
o Literal meaning: When he asks, he insists but when asked he postpones.
* إذا سمعت الرجل يقول فيك من الخير ما ليس فيك فلا تأمن أن يقول فيك من الشر ما ليس فيك
o Literal meaning: If you hear a person talking good about things that aren't in you, don't be sure that he wouldn't also say bad things about things that aren't in you.
* إذا ضربت فأوجع فإن الملامة واحدة
o Literal meaning: If you are to hit then make it painful, because you'll get one (the same) blame either way.
* إذا ظلمت من دونك فلا تأمن عقاب من فوقك
o Literal meaning: If you oppress who is below you then you won't be safe from the punishment of who is above you.
* إن كنت تدري فتلك مصيبة وإن كنت لا تدري فالمصيبة أعظم
o Literal meaning: If you know then it's a disaster, and if you don't know then it's a greater disaster. (Like: if a leader knows or doesn't know about the corruption in his


* إذا لم يكن إلا الأَسِنَّةُ مركبا فلا رأي للمضطر إلا ركوبها
o Literal meaning: The one in distraught has no opinion, even if he has to ride a boat of arrow heads
* إذا هَبَّتْ رياحك فاغتنمها
o Literal meaning: If a wind blows, ride it! (If a chance comes, take advantage of it)
* اذالم تستحي فأفعل ما تشاء
o Literal meaning: If you have no shame then do whatever you want.
* أذل البخل أعناق الرجال
o Literal meaning: Stinginess demeans the value of man.
* أراق ماء وجهه
o Literal meaning: The water on his face are cleaned
o Meaning: His decency is preserved
* أرسل حكيما ولا توصه
o Literal meaning: Send a wise man and don't advise him. (He should know what to do)
* أساء سمعا فأساء إجابة
o Literal meaning: Heard the question wrong, answered wrong.
o Literal meaning: Protect your brother's privacy for what he knows of you.
* استقبال الموت خير من استدباره
o Literal meaning: Meeting death is better than escaping from it.
* استندت إلى خصٍ مائلٍ
o Literal meaning: I leant on a bent wall.
o Meaning: I depended on someone who is not dependable.
* أسقط في يده
o Literal meaning: It fell on his hand
o Meaning: He didn't know what to do or say
o Meaning: It's just words, but no acts
* اشتدي أزمة تنفرجي
o Literal meaning: A problem is solved when it gets tougher.
* اشكر من أَنْعَمَ عليك وأَنْعِمْ على من شكرك
o Literal meaning: Thank who gives you and give who thanks you.
* أضيق الأمر أدناه من الفرج
o Literal meaning: The hardest the problem is the closer it is to be solved.
* أطهر الناس أعراقاً أحسنهم أخلاقاً
o Literal meaning: The purest people are the ones with good manners.
* أعدل الشهود التجارب
o Literal meaning: Experience is the fairest witness
* اعرف صاحبك واتركه
o Literal meaning: know your friend then leave him.
* أعز من الولد ولد الولد
o Literal meaning: Only your grand child is dearer to you than your child.
* أعطني حظاً وارمني في البحر
o Literal meaning: Give me some good luck and throw me in the sea.
* اعمل خيراً وارمه البحر
o Literal meaning: Do good and throw it in sea. (Don't expect rewards for good deeds)
* أنا الغريق فما خوفي من البلل
o Literal meaning: I'm already drowning so why should I fear getting wet?
* آفة الحديث الكذب
o Literal meaning: Lies are the plague of speech.
* آفة الرأي الهوى
o Literal meaning: Bias is the plague of the opnion.
* آفة العِلْم النسيان
o Literal meaning: Forgetting is the plague of knowledge.
* الإفراط في التواضع يجلب المذلة
o Literal meaning: Too much humility brings humiliation.
* أفْضَلُ الجهاد كلمة عدل عند سلطان جائر
o Literal meaning: The best jihad (determined struggle) is saying the truth in the face of a dictator.
* الأفعال أبلغ من الأقوال
* Literal meaning: Actions speak louder than words.
* الاقتصاد في النفقة نصف المعيشة
o Literal meaning: Moderation in spending is half of all living.
* إن البعوضة تُدْمي مُقْلةَ الأسد
o Literal meaning: A mosquito can make the lion's eye bleed.
* أقل الناس سروراً الحسود
o Literal meaning: The envious person is the least happy.
* أقلل طعامك تجد منامك
o Literal meaning: Eat less to sleep more .
* أكبر منك بيوم يعرف عنك بسنة
o Literal meaning: Older than you by a day, more knowledgeable than you by a year
* أكل عليه الدهر وشرب
o Literal meaning: Time has eaten and drank upon it. (It's too old)
* الصحة تاج على رؤوس الأصحاء لا يراه إلا المرضى
o Literal meaning: Good health is a crown on the heads of the healthy that only the ill can see - Ali ibn Abi Talib
* الأماني رءوس مال المفاليس
o Literal meaning: Wishes are the capital of bankrupts
* الأمر يعرض دونه الأمر
o Literal meaning:
* إن أخاك من واساك
o Literal meaning: your brother is that who consoles you.
* إن الأيادي قروض
o Literal meaning: hands are loans.
* إن الغريق بكل حبل يعلق
o Literal meaning: A sinking man will try to catch any rope.
o Meaning: Someone in a difficult situation will do anything to get out of it.
* إن الغصون إذا قومتها اعتدلت
o Literal meaning: Twigs can be rectified if corrected.
o Meaning: Knowledge is better acquired at a young age.
* إن الله يمهل ولا يهمل
o Literal meaning: God gives time but doesn't ignore (or forget).
* إن المعارف في أهل النهى ذمم
o Literal meaning:
* إن المقْدِرة تُذْهِبَ الحفيظة
o Literal meaning:
* إن جهد المقل غير قليل
o Literal meaning:
* إن زاد الشيء عن حده ينقلب لضده
o Literal meaning: If something increased more than it should, it will turn against itself
* إن غلا اللحم فالصبر رخيص
o Literal meaning: If meat is expensive then patience is cheap.
* إن كبر ابنك آخيه
o Literal meaning: When your son grows up, become his brother. (befriend him)
* إن كنت ريحا فقد لاقيت إعصارا
o Literal meaning: If you're a wind then I'm a hurricane.
* إن كنت كذوباً فكن ذكوراً
o Literal meaning: If you're a liar, you better have a good memory.
* إن مع اليوم غدا يا مسعدة
o Literal meaning: There's always tomorrow.
* إن مفاتيح الأمور العزائم
* the key to all things is determination.
* إن وراء الأَكَمةِ ما وراءها
o Literal meaning:
* أنت على رد ما لم تقل أقدر منك على رد ما قلت
o Literal meaning:
* أول ما شطح نطح
o Literal meaning: As soon as he started, he went far.
* أول الشجرة بذرة
o Literal meaning: A tree starts with a seed.
* إنك تضرب في حديد بارد
o Literal meaning: You are striking cold iron. (You can't change it)
* إياك وأن يضرب لسانك عنقك
o Literal meaning: Beware that your tongue might cut your neck
o Meaning: Watch out what you are doing with your tongue
* إجو ليحدوا الخيل مد الفار رجله
* إطعم التم تستحي العين
* إبنه على كتفه و بيفتش عليه
* أنجز حر ما وعد
o Literal meaning:
* الإنسان بالتفكير والله بالتدبير
o Literal meaning: Your nose is a part of you even if it was cut (or ugly).
* أول القصيدة كفر
o Literal meaning:
* أولى الناس بالعفو أقدرهم على العقوبة
o Literal meaning: The one who should be forgiven, is the one who's able to punish.
o Literal meaning: Avoid what may require an apology.
* الأيام دول
o Literal meaning: days are countries
o Meaning: Days are like countries since both have their own cycle. One day the glory of a country rises and in the next it despairs. Same thing for a man, he may have luck today, but tomorrow who knows.
* إن عاشرت عاشر أمير وإن إلبست البس حرير و إن عيروك بشي يكون يحرز التعيير
o Literal meaning:
* أهل الميت صبروا والمعزيات كفروا
* آخر العنقود سكر معقود
* آخر الزمر طوط


* بئس الشعار الحسد
o The worst emotion is envy
* بالأرض ولدتك أمك
o In Earth your mother had begotten you
* بالتأني تُدْرَكُ الفُرَصُ
o With carefulness you realize your opportunity.
* بدن فاجر وقلب كافر
* الْبِشْرَ دال على الكرم
* البِشْر يعقد القلوب على المحبة
* البصر بالزَّبُونِ تجارة
o Seeing a client is in itself a trade
* البطنة تزيل الفطنة
* بُعد السما من الأرض
o as far as the heavens/sky from the earth
* البعد جفاء
o Distance is disaffection.
* بعض الحلم ذل
* بعض العفو ضعف
o Some forgiveness is weakness.
* بقدر الرأي تعتبر الرجال وبالآمال ينتظر المآل
o Men are judged by their strength of their opinion and with hopes/dreams money awaits
* بلغ السيل الزُّبَى
* بنفسي فَخَرْتُ لا بجدودي
o I take pride in my accomplishments and not in those of my ancestors
* بيت الظالم خراب
o The house of a tyrant is a ruin
* بيت المحسن عمار
o If you do charity, your house will be always rich
* بين وعده وإنجازه فترة نبي
* بينهم داء الضرائر


* تاج المروءة التواضع
o the crown of (virtue) is modesty
* في العجلة الندامة و في التاني السلامة
o In haste there is regret and in taking time there is peace/safety
* التأني من الرحمن والعجلة من الشيطان
* التَّحَسُّنُ خير من الْحُسْنِ
o Continuous improvement is better than being good
* التجربة العلم الكبير
o Experimenting is the great science.
* تجري الرياح بما لا تشتهي السفن
o Winds blow counter to what ships desire.
* التخطيط نصف المعيشة
o Planning is half of living
* التدبير يثمر اليسير والتبذير يبدد الكثير
* ترك الذنب أيسر من الاعتذار
o Avoiding mistakes is better than apologizing after
* تركتهم في حيص بيص
o You left them lost and bewildered.
* تركه غنيمة والظفر به هزيمة
* تزاوروا ولا تتجاوروا
o Visit each other but don't be neighbors.
* التسلُّطُ على المماليك دناءة
* تطلب أثراً بعد عين
* تعاشروا كالإخوان وتحاسبوا كالغرباء
o Get together like brother, and keep each other in check like strangers
* تفرقوا أيدي سبأ
* تقطع أعناق الرجال المطامع
* التكبر على المتكبر تواضع
o Arrogance over the arrogant is modesty.
* تكلم فقد كلم الله موسى
o Speak, for God spoke to Moses
* تمام الصدق الإخبار بما تحمله العقول
* تناس مساوئ الإخوان يدم لك وُدُّهُمْ
* التواضع من مصائد الشرف
* توبة الجاني واعتذاره

تتشبهوا بالحلوين و منتوا مثالهم لا يا عبيد الغور لا يا عفنين

* جاءوا عن بكرة أبيهم
* الجار أولى بالشُّفْعَةِ
* الجار قبل الدار
o The neighbor comes before the home. meaning: Choose your neighbours before you choose your home
* الجزاء من جنس العمل
o You reap what you sow
* جواهر الأخلاق تصفها المعاشرة
* الجود بالنفس أقصى غاية الجود
o The best giving is the giving of the soul.
o In other words, "The best gift comes from the heart."


* الحاجة تفتق الحيلة
o Need excavates the trick.
* حافٍ يسخر بناعل
o An unshod mocks a shoe.
* حبل الكذب قصير
o The rope of lies is short.
* حرامي بلا بَيِّنةٍ شريف
* الحرب سجال
* ةالحركة بركة
o Movement is a blessing.
* حسبك من الشر سماعه
* حسبه صيدا فكان قيدا
o Thought he was a great catch, turns out he is a shackle.
* حُسْنُ الخلق يوجب المودة
* حفظ السر أمانة
o Keeping a secret is a commitment
* الحق أبْلَجُ والباطل لجلج
* الحق دولة والباطل جولة
* الحق ظل ظليل
* حق من كتب بمسك أن يختم بعنبر
* الحِلْم أجَلُّ من العقل
* الحُمْقُ داء ولا دواء له
o Stupidity is a disease without a medicine.
* حنانيك بعض الشر أهون من بعض
* حوالينا لا علينا
* الحي أبقى من الميت
o The living is more important than the dead.
* حيلة العاجز دموعه
o The only trick the incapable has, are his tears.


* خادم سيدين يكذب على أحدهما
o A servant who has two masters, lies to one of them.
* الخاذل أخو القاتل
o The deserter is the brother of the murderer.
* خاطر من استغنى برأيه
* خالف تُعْرَفْ
o Dissent and you will be known.
* خالف هواك ترشد
o Oppose your affection to find rationality.
* خذو الحكمة من أفواه المجاذيب
o Words of wisdom comes out of simple people mouths.
* خلا لك الجو فبيضي واصفري
* خلقت مُبَرَّأً من كل عيب كأنك قد خُلقْتَ كما تشاء
* خير الإخوان أقدمهم
* خير الأشياء جديدها
o The best thing is the newest thing.
* خير الأصدقاء من ترك المزاح
o The best friend is the one who does not joke around.
* خير الأعمال ما كان ديمة
* خير الخلال حفظ اللسان
o Watching what you say is your best friend.
* خير الكلام ما قل ودل
o The ideal phrase is that which is short and to the point.
* خير المال ما وَجَّهْتَهُ وِجْهتَه
* خير الناس للناس خيرهم لنفسه
* خير الناس من فرح للناس بالخير
* خير صِلاتِ الكريم أَعْوَدُها
* الخير على قدوم الواردين
* خير مالك ما نفعك
o The best of the things you own, is what is useful to you.
* الخَيْرُ يُخَيِّر والشر يغَيّر


* الدراهم مراهم
o Literal meaning: money is ointments (curing).
* الدهر يومان حلو ومر
o Life is made of two days. One which is sweet and the other is bitter.


* ذكر الفتى عمره الثاني
o Remind the youngster of his next life.
* ذُلَّ من يغيظ الذليل بعيش
* ذنبه على جنبه
o His fault is besides him
* الذي لا يعرفك يجهلك
o He who does not know you is not informed of you.


* راحت السكرة وجاءت الفكرة
o The idea came after the drunkness passed away.
* الرأي قبل شجاعة الشجعان
o Opinion comes before the bravery of the braves.
* رب بعيد أنفع من قريب
* رب ثوب يستغيث من صاحبه
* رب زارع لنفسه حاصد سواه
* رب عذر أقبح من ذنب
o An excuse is sometime more ugly than a guilt
* رب قول أشد من صول
* رب كلام يثير الحروب
* رب كلمة قالت لصاحبها دعني
* رُبَّ دهر بكيت منه فلما صرت في غيره بكيت عليه
* رُبَّ ملوم لا ذنب له
* ربك رب قلوب
o Your lord is the lord of hearts.
* ربما أراد الأحمق نفعك فضرك
o The stupid might have wanted to help you, but ended up hurting you.
* رجعت ريمة لعادتها القديمة
o Rima came back to her old habits
* الرجوع إلى الحق خير من التمادي في الباطل
* ريح صيف وطارق طيف


* الساكت عن الحق شيطان أخرس
o A person who does not speak out against the wrong is a mute devil.

* سحابة صيف تذروها الرياح
* سفير السوء يفسد ذات البين
* سماعك بالْمُعَيْدِيِّ خير من أن تراه
* سمك في ماء
o Like a fish in water


* شاور لبيباً ولا تعصه
o Consult the wise and do not disobey him.
* الشبعان يفُتُّ للجائع فتا بطيئا
* شدة الألفة تزيل الكلفة
* شر البلاد بلاد لا صديق فيه
* شر الحديث الكذب
* شر السمك يكدر الماء
* الشر في الناس لا يفنى وإن قُبِرُوا
o Evil in people does not go away when they get buried.

* الشر قليله كثير
o a little bit of evil is too much

* الشر للشر خُلِقَ

* الشرط نور

* الشرير لا يظن بالناس خيراً

* الشكوى سلاح الضعفاء
o Complaining is the weak's weapon.

* الشماتة بالمنكوب لؤم

* شَمِّرْ وائتزر والبس جلد النمر

* شنشنة أعرفها من أخزم

* الشيب قبل العيب


* الصباح رباح

literal meaning: morning is profit (equivalent to the the early bird gets the worm).

* صحبة السوء مفسدة للأخلاق

* الصدق دليل التقوى

* الصدق يحسن بالفتى والكذب يحسب من عيوبه

* صلى وصام لأمر كان يأمله حتى قضاه فما صلى ولا صاما


* الضامن غارم

* ضرب أخماسا بأسداس

* الضرب في الميت حرام
o Beating the dead is a sin.

* ضَرْبَة مُعَلِّمٍ
o It is the Master's touch

* ضربني وبكى وسبقني واشتكى
o He beat me and cried, and went before me to complain.

* الضرورات تبيح المحظورات
o Necessity knows no restrictions.


* الطبع غلب التطبع
o Old habits die hard

* طفح الكيل
o Literal meaning: The gauge has overflown.
o Translation: To run out of patience.

* طمع إبليس في الجنة
o The Devil longs for heaven !


* الظلم أسرع شيء إلى تعجيل نقمة وتبديل نعمة
o Wrong-doing is the fastest way to precipitating a curse and halting a blessing.
* ظلم الأقارب أشد وقعا من السيف
o Doing wrong to relatives is more harmful than a sword.
* الظلم مرتعه وخيم

Wrong doing (oppression) breeds dreadful consequences.


* عاد الأمر إلى نصابه

It is settled now.

* عاشر القوم أربعين يوماً. فإما صرت منهم وإما رحلت عنهم.

Dwell among people for forty days. You will either become one of them or flee them.

* العتاب خير من الحقد

Better out than in.

* العتاب صابون القلب

Honesty (saying why you are upset with a friend) is the soap of heart.

* العتاب قبل العقاب
o honesty (transparency when talking about why you are angry) should occur before punishment.
* العتاب هدية الأحباب
o honesty (transparency when talking about what upsets you) is the gift of friends.
* العتب على النظر
o Blame the sight (I did not notice).
* العدد في الليمون
o ??
* العديم من احتاج من اللئيم
o The true deprived is he who needs something from the mean.
* عذر لم يتول الحق نسجه
o An excuse that was not woven by truth. (an excuse that has nothing to do with how things really were).
* عش رجبا ترى عجبا

Live for a year and you will see wonders.

* علامة الكذاب جوده باليمين من غير مستحلف
o A sign of a liar is his generosity of saying 'by God' without people asking him to swear.
* العِلْمُ أشهر الأحساب
o ?
* على الباغي تدور الدوائر
o an oppressor will have his day.
* على رأسه ريشة
o on his head a feather (he is a royalty of some sort - mostly said sarcastically to imply that rules also apply to he/she).
* عليه ما على أبي لهب
o He is cursed.
* العمل أبلغ خطابٍ
o Work is the most eloquent of any discourse (speech). - actions are louder than words, in other words.
* عمل البحر طحينة
o ??
* عند البطون تعمى العيون
o When stomach is hungry, eyes are blind.
* عند الرهان تعرف السوابق
o ??
* عند الشدائد تعرف الإخوان

In perils, you know your friends

* عند الصباح يحمد القوم السرى
o ??
* عند جُهَيْنَةَ الخبر اليقين
o With Juhaina is the truth. (Juhaina knows best, ask her).

العين بالعين والسن بالسن.. والبادي اظلم

* فاقد الشيء لا يعطيه
* الفُرَصُ تَمُرُّ مَرَّ السحاب
* فوت الحاجة خير من طلبها إلى غير أهلها
* فوقه خره و تحته خره و بقول افييه ريحة خره


* القدوة الحسنة خير من الوصية
o Leading by example is better than commandments.


زي الأطرش بلزفة Like a deaf man in a parade. (i.e. someone in the middle of something, who doesn't know what's going on)

* كأن الشمس تطلع من حرامه
* الكتاب يقرأ من عنوانه

literal meaning: the meaning of a book can be judged from its title

* كثرة العتاب تفرق الأحباب
* كثرة العتاب تورث البغضاء
* كل آت قريب
* كل ذات ذيل تختال
* كل زائد ناقص
* كل ما تشتهي والبس ما يشتهي الناس

literal meaning: eat what you like, and dress as people expect you to dress (i.e. in trivial things, do what others do, for important things, do what you feel is right)

* كل ما قَرَّتْ به العين صالح
* كل مبذول مملول
* كل ممنوع مرغوب

literal meaning: everything forbidden is desirable.

* كل هم إلى فرج
* كل واحد له قادح ومادح
* كلام الليل يمحوه النهار

literal meaning: what is said at night is erased by day (i.e. what people say to others in private is not the way they will act in public)

* كلكم طلب صيد


* لا بد للمصدور من أن ينفث
* لا تبع يوماً صالحاً بيوم طالح
* لا تجعلن دليل المرء صورته
* لا تخاصم من إذا قال فعل

don't make enemies of people who do as they say.

* لا تفعل شيئاً إذا سُئلت عنه؛ خجلت منه

don't do anything that will embarrass you if discovered.

* لا تُرَخِّص الضرورة بالإلحاح

Necessity is not cheapened by persistence.

* لا ترم سهما يعسر عليك رده

Don't shoot an arrow you cannot get back (i.e. don't take action that you will not be able to stop later).

* لا تشن وجه العفو بالتأنيب
* لا تعنف طالبا لرزقه
* لا تقعن البحر إلا سابحا
* لا تسقط في البحر إذا كنت لا تعرف كيف تسبح (correct one)

Don't fall into the sea if you can't swim.

* لا تلتقي الجبال

Don't stand up to the mountains.

* لا تنه عن خلق وتأتي مثله عار عليك إذا فعلت عظيم

There is great shame in forbidding something and then doing it yourself.

* لا جُرْمَ بعد الندامة
* لا حذر من قدر

You can't guard against your fate.

* لا حر بوادي عوف
* لا خير فيمن لا يَأْلَفُ ولا يؤلف
* لا خير فيمن لا يدوم له أحد

No good can come of one who has never kept a friendship.

* لا رأي لمن لا يطاع

One who has no authority, has no opinion.

* لا يبقى شيء على حال
* لا يبلغ الأعداء من جاهل ما يبلغ الجاهل من نفسه

No enemies can do to an ignorant man what he does to himself.

* لا يستقيم الظل والعود أعوج

Shadows and bent bamboos will never straighten (i.e. some things can not be coaxed into getting better)

* لا يُشَقُّ له غبار
* لا يضير الشاة سلخها بعد ذبحها

The sheep isn't hurt by skinning after it has been slaughtered. (i.e. after the damage is done, little slights don't matter)

* لا يضيع حق وراءه مطالب

No right is lost, as long as someone remains asking for it.

* لست أول من غره السراب
* لكل جديد لذة

Everything new tastes good.

* لكل حي أجل
o To each life a purpose.
* لكل داء دواء إلا الموت
o Every disease has a medicine except for death.
* لكل دهر دولة ورجال

Every age, a new state and new men arise.

* لكل ساقطة لاقطة
* لكل قديم حُرْمَهٌ
* للحيطان آذان
o The walls have ears.
* للشدائد تُدَّخَرُ الرجال
* لمن تشكو إذا كان خصمك القاضي

To whom do you complain if your adversary is the judge?

* لو خُيِّرْتُ لاخترت

If I had a choice, I would have chosen. (i.e. don't blame me, I had no choice)

* اللي بيمشيش معاك,امشي معاه
o Who does not go with you, go with him. (i.e if you can't beat them, join them).
* اللي استحوا ماتوا
o They whom got shy, died.
* اللي يخاف من العفريت يطلع له

Those who are afraid of ghosts will find them.

* ليس الخبر كالمعاينة
* ليس المشِيرُ كالخبير
* ليس للباطل أساس
* ليست يدي مُخَضَّبةً بالحناء

This isn't henna on my hands (i.e. this is blood)

* الليل أخفى للويل


* ما أقصر الليل على راقد

how short the night is for a sleeping person

* ما أول إلا ويتلوه آخر

There is no first without a second behind him

* ما كل بارقة تجود بمائها
* ما كل من قال قولا وفى

Not all who promise stay by their promises

* ما كلُّ ما يُعلم يُقال

Not all that is known is said

* ما من ظالم إلا سيبلى بظالم
* المكر حيلة من لا حيلة له
* مُكْرَهٌ أخاك لا بطل
* مسكين ابن آدم: تؤذيه البقة وتقتله الشرقة
* المكيدة أبلغ من النجدة
* الملدوع من النار بنفخ لللبن
* A burnt child dreads the fire.

من أحب ولده رحم الأيتام who loves his son has mercy on orphans

* من أحسن السؤال عَلِمَ
* من استحيا من بنت عمه لم يولد له ولد

who is shy from his cousin will not have a son

* من أسرع كثر عثاره

who is always on a hurry falls a lot

* من اشترى الحمد لم يُغْبَنْ
* من أكل على مائدتين اختنق

who eats 2 dinners chocks

* من الحيلة ترك الحيلة

a part from the trickery is to leave it

* من الخواطئ سهم صائب
* من السرور بكاء

crying from happiness

* من العجائب أعمش كَحَّالٌ
* من تَعَدَّى الحق ضاق مذهبه
* من تعرض للمصاعب ثبت للمصائب
* من ساواك بنفسه ما ظلمك
* من سعى جنى ومن نام رأى الأحلام
* من سلك الجدد أمن العثار
* من شَبَّ على شيء شاب عليه
* من صارع الحق صرعه
* نام ساعة الرحيل
* هذا الميت لا يساوي ذلك البكاء
o Literal meaning: This dead person is not worth all of this grief.
* همه لا يتجاوز طرفي ردائه
* يخاف من ظله
o Afraid of one's shadow.
* يقتل القتيل ويسير في جنازته
o Literal meaning: he kills the victim and walks in his funeral.
* يمشي رويدا ويكون أولا
o Literal meaning: He walks slowly and arrives first.
* يَهُبُّ مع كل ريح ويسعى مع كل قوم
* يوم السرور قصير
o Literal meaning: The day of happiness is short.
* ياما في السجن مظاليم
o Literal meaning: So many in the jail while innocent.
* من غربل الناس نخلوه
* من غُلبْ سُلبْ
* من ليس له قديم ليس له جديد
* من مأمنه يؤتى الحذر
* من نام عن عدوه نبهته المكائد
* من وَطَّنَ نفسه على أمر هان عليه
o صدق ما ترى ولا تصدق كل ما تسمع
* Eat whatever thou likest, but dress as others do.

كل اللي يعجبك والبس إللى يعجب الناس

* Every sun has to set.
o مصير كل شمس الغروب
* He who got out of his home lessened his value.

إللى يخرج من داره يتقل مقداره

* The devil is cunning.
o الشيطان شاطر
* Those whose hands are in the water should not expect sympathy from those whose hands are in the fire.

اللي أوله شرط آخره نور


ياتي يوم يطوى يوم

* lit. "a day comes and a day passes"; means "every good thing and every bad thing will always come to an end".

English (need original Arabic proverb)

* pie in the sky
* نصيبك بالجنة
* تجري الرياح بما لا تشتهي السفن
* Walk quietly and carry a big stick
* الماء الراكد يذهب بعيدا
* The potter eats from a broken bowl (ancient)
* اكلت يوم اكل الثور الابيض
* He Walks Amongst Us but He Is Not One of Us
* رب اخ لك لم تلده امه
* A secret is like a dove: when it leaves my hand it takes wing.
* A sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to our steps as we walk the tightrope of life.
* A thousand enemies outside the house is better than one within.
* A wise man associating with the vicious becomes an idiot; a dog traveling with good men becomes a rational being.
* All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are moveable, and those that move.
* All sunshine makes a desert.
* Ask thy purse what thou shouldn’t buy.
* At the narrow passage there is no brother and no friend.
* Call someone your lord and he'll sell you in the slave market.
* Do not buy either the moon or the news, for in the end they will both come out.
* Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire.
* Every ambitious man is a captive and every covetous one a pauper.
* An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.
* Example is better than precept.
* For every glance behind us, we have to look twice to the future.
* Give a man some cloth and he'll ask for some lining.
* He said where are you going grape, she sighed: I am staying on the couch.
* He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.
* لا يأس مع الحياة ولا حياة مع اليأس.
* He who peeps at the neighbor's window may chance to lose his eyes.
* He who plants thorns must never expect to gather roses.
* He who was left by the bald is taken by the hairy. (Not the comb)
* If a poor man ate it, they would say it was because of his stupidity.
* If the hair was precious, wouldn't grow on the ass.
* لو الشعر في شرف ما طلع بالطرف
* If you are going to believe all what you read, then don't read.
* Live together like brothers and do business like strangers.
* Make your bargain before beginning to plow.
* Many are the roads that do not lead to the heart.
* Meat and mass never hindered man.
* No crowd ever waited at the gates of patience.
* O! Count thy sheep Goha. Goha said one is asleep and the other is awake.
* قالوا يا جحا عد غنمك قال واحدة نايمةو الثانية قايمة
* O! Count the waves of the sea Goha. Goha said the comings are more than what passed.
* O! You sitting, may God protect you from the evils of the comers.
* قال يا قاعدين يكفيكوا شر الجايين
* One day your life will pass in front of your eyes, so make it worthy to look at.
* On the day of victory no one is tired.
* One hand for oneself and one for the ship.
* Only the tent pitched by your own hands will stand.
* Only three things in life are certain birth, death and change.
* The ant shall never crawl on its knees.
* The ass went seeking for horns and lost his ears.
* The fruit of silence is tranquility.
* The fruit of timidity is neither gain nor loss.
* The knife of the family does not cut.
* The mind is for seeing, the heart is for hearing.
* The sinning is the best part of repentance.
* The whisper of a pretty girl can be heard further than the roar of a lion.
* The wound that bleeds inwardly is the most dangerous.
* The wrath of brothers is fierce and devilish.
* Think of the going out before you enter.
* I got you, "O! Worshiper of the helper", to help me but you are in need of help.
* جبتك يا عبد المعين تعين لقيتك بدك من يعينك
* Visit rarely, and you will be more loved.
* We were silenced by our patience, he entered with his donkey.
* سكتنا له دخل بحماره
* When a door opens not to your knock, consider your reputation.
* When what you want doesn't happen, learn to want what does.
* When you are dead, your sister's tears will dry as time goes on, your widow's tears will cease in another's arms, but your mother will mourn you until she dies.
* While the word is yet unspoken, you are master of it; when once it is spoken, it is master of you.
* Wishing does not make a poor man rich.
* وما نيل المطالب بالتمني ولكن تؤخذ الدنيا غلابا
* Wit is folly unless a wise man hath the keeping of it.
* Write the bad things that are done to you in sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble.
* He whose ace gets cut on, gets his underpants off. When you cut, cut high. The Third Hand is the highest hand.
* يمشي بيننا ولكنه ليس مننا
* one good turn deserves another

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